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The world’s longest undersea tunnel

2013-08-02 by

China plans to build the world’s longest undersea tunnel across the Bohai Strait linking the country’s eastern and north eastern regions as written on the news world.



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Rare Photos of the Statue of Liberty Being Built in 1883

2013-07-31 by

Below  you will find a gallery of rare photos of the Statue of Liberty under construction in 1883. The images are part of the New York Public Library’s Photography Collection taken from site Internet Premiere.


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U.S.A: Construction of Residential housing is showing a comeback

2010-12-24 by

Washington, December 16th 2010, according to the AFP the construction industry is doing much better especially for residential housing.

Experts have predicted 534,000 new construction sites. They will actually be 555,000.

Construction of new residential housing by real estate promoter has increased by 6.9% in November 2010. On the other hand, construction of apartment buildings has decreased by 9.1%.

Experts have come to the conclusion that the most important growth number comes from the construction of new residential housing.

Another good news is the growing demand of construction permits which is a sign that the construction industry’s comeback will be there for a long time.

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2010-12-22 by

According to Eurostat, the construction industry in the Euro zone is stable for the month of November 2010.

Slovakia and Sweden have shown the biggest growth at 2% and Portugal has had the lowest at -6.6%.

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Ecological construction in the U.S: No recession in sight

2010-12-21 by

The green trend in the construction market has almost tripled in the U.S. This applies especially to major institutions and office buildings.


  • 40% in the health sector
  • 15 Billions in schools buildings
  • 8 Billions in office buildings

These buildings will be certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Source: Green Outlook 2011: Green Trends Driving Growth

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